Young Adult Policies

XOOM tablet borrower’s agreement (PDF)
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Young Adult Policies:


It is the goal of the Derby Public Library to provide our young adults with a comfortable and pleasant environment for study, research and leisure reading.  We also schedule many programs for them throughout the year.

Parents, however should be mindful that the library is a public building open to all  individuals and they are responsible for the actions and safety of their young adults.  Therefore, for the protection of all of our patrons and the library property, the following policies will be strictly enforced.

  • Although a public building, it is not the library’s function or purpose to be a place of social gathering for young adults.
  • No food or beverages allowed.
  • Talking on cell phones is not permitted anywhere in the library.
  • The library telephone may only be used in the case of an emergency.
  • All young adults must remain in the Young Adult area, specifically designed with them in mind.
  • The only games allowed in the area are the quiet games of concentration provided by the library.
  • Vandalism of any kind will be reported to the POLICE.
  • Young adults and their parents should be aware of library closing times.  If a young adult is in the library at closing time and is in need of a ride, the library staff will assist them in contacting their parents and wait with them for 10 minutes.  If the parent has not arrived within that period, the police will be contacted.
  • The library is not responsible for young adults who remain on library property after closing.
  • Sharing a large environment requires the cooperation from all patrons, regardless of age.  Young adults who are not using the library appropriately, engage in disruptive, offensive, or inappropriate behavior, or are disrespectful to the library, library staff, or other patrons will be asked to leave the library.  The judgment of the library staff prevails when requesting such removal. The police will be called if need be.

Computer Usage

  • Please see adult policy
  • If someone is waiting for a computer, usage time is limited to thirty minutes.  HOMEWORK takes precedence.
  • Due to limited space, only one person is allowed per computer at any given time.

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