Request Blocking or Unblocking of a Website

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires schools and libraries receiving “E-rate” and federal funding to comply with certain Internet technology protection measures and policies; including filtering of inappropriate content from students and adults. The Derby Public Library is currently using several purchased products to provide Internet security and content filtering. If you feel that you have found a website (URL) that has been mishandled by our filter, please follow the steps outlined below to request a change.

Derby Public Library will automatically block or filter Internet access for both minors and adults to certain visual depictions. These include visual depictions that are (1) obscene, or (2) child pornography, or (3) with respect to use of computers with Internet access by minors, material that is harmful to minors.

1. Ensure all the details are provided with the EXACT URL (Internet address). Include one sentence explaining the rationale for your request. If you are requesting that a site be unblocked for a specific period of time rather than permanently, please also state this in your request.

2. Go to this page and fill out the request form to have a site blocked/unblocked. (Please no emails or phone requests).

3. Requests for blocking and unblocking will be brought to the Data Governance Committee in advance of being blocked or unblocked. Unless obvious visual depictions that are obscene or any pornography observed, that site will be blocked immediately.

4. You will be informed of the decision as soon as the request has been reviewed.