Request Form – Blocking or Unblocking of a Website

In the realm of Internet filtering, the ultimate concern is for the safety of children while at the same time providing access to information. In accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the Derby Public Library employs internet content filtering software to block inappropriate content.

Occasionally a website that has inappropriate content slips through the filter or a website that the public needs to access is blocked. If the website has a chatroom or chat capability; these sites are normally blocked.

If you feel that you have found a URL that is mishandled by our filter, please read and understand all of the following before proceeding.

Request Local Exception to Categorization

This form must be submitted to request blocking or unblocking of a website provided through CEN. If you are requesting that a blocked site be unblocked, please be prepared to defend the instructional or professional value of the site. Also, please determine that comparable content is not already available on some other (unblocked) website.

NOTE: Some sites are not able to be unblocked as the entire subsets of the site are affected as a unit. It is also important to note that all sites unblocked may affect the entire building. All requests will be reviewed by the Library and handled appropriately. Controversial site requests may be denied or take longer pending further review and evaluation of the request. In case of an immediate block request, the decision will be expedited with a review to follow.


Block/Unblock Website Request