Loan Periods, Renewals, Fees, and Account Blocks for Damaged or Lost Material Policy

It’s About Choices. Your library card presents many opportunities for educational and entertaining experiences.

The public library provides a wide variety of materials representing many points of views. Libraries contain or provide access to some printed and visual materials which you may find objectionable. We encourage parents to take an active role by helping their children select library materials.

It is not the library’s role to decide which ideas are appropriate for you or your family. We provide alternatives. You make the choices.

Loan periods

No loans are allowed if a card holder has one (1) lost item.

Material Type

Loan Period




Books and books on CD

21 days



New books (adult, teen, and Children) 14 days Once


Music CDs 21 days Once Yes*
(Latest editions in-library use only)
14 days Once Yes*
Standard DVDs (Movies/TV) 7 days Once


New Releases on DVD 7 days Once Yes+
Returnable Museum Passes 2 days No Yes**
Laptops 0 days No No

* Must be picked up at Derby Public Library
+ Maximum number of videos (at any one time): Twelve (12) consists of six (6) Adult DVDs and six (6) Children DVDs; however two (2) TV series limited to the total of six (6) Adult DVDs
** Must be returned directly to a Derby Public Library staff member, not in a book drop or at another library. Limit of one (1) pass per day per family and maximum four (4) passes in a 30-day period, first come, first served.

PLEASE NOTE: books can be returned to any Connecticut public library.
It is the responsibility of the patron to check their date due slip.

Need to return something after library hours?

For your convenience, the Library offers book drops near the Elizabeth Street entrance and the Children’s entrance on Caroline Street to return items after library hours. DVDs and CDs can also be returned in the designated slots near the drop boxes.

Renewals and Reserves

Derby Public Library items designated as “Auto-Renewable” above will automatically renew three (3) days prior to the due date and for one (1) renewal period per item, unless someone is waiting for the item or the patron’s account is not in good standing. Renewal periods will extend from their original due date and be the same length as the original loan period. For example, an item with a three-week loan period would extend automatically for another three weeks from the original due date when it is automatically renewed.

Circulating materials may be reserved by patrons at the Library, by phone or online. Patrons will be notified by phone, text message (patron responsible for carrier costs), or by email (if provided) when the material becomes available.

Teacher library card/accounts

Upon request, and with proof of employment by the City of Derby, teachers may receive a library card/account saying DERBY TEACHER/EXTENDED LOAN PERIODS FOR SCHOOL USE ONLY.

Institutional cards and Teacher cards are valid for use in the Derby Public Library only and will be marked accordingly.

Fees and Account Blocks for Damaged or Lost Material

Derby Public Library is fine free, except for the following materials:

Museum Passes: $2.00/day, up to $100 maximum. $100.00 for lost pass

Laptops: $2.00/day up to full replacement costs $500 for unreturned laptop. Damaged devices or parts will be charged at full replacement cost.

Derby Public Library cardholders are expected to return borrowed materials on time. However, items from other libraries circulated by Derby Public Library are subject to standards established by the owning library. Cardholders are responsible for all borrowed materials charged to their account; including fines and fees incurred for lost or damaged items.

Parents/guardians/responsible adults are responsible for materials checked out on the cards of their minor children. Derby Public Library issues bills for replacement fees on non-returned and/or damaged items. eLibrary items cannot become overdue.

Library Account Holders may be notified of overdue materials. Those who agree to be contacted by email may receive:

  • 3 days before item is due Courtesy Notice
  • 7 days late First overdue notice
  • 14 days late Bill issued for item Replacement Fee(s) and account blocked

The Replacement Fee is the amount listed in the library record at the time of purchase or $25 if no price exists in the Derby Public Library record.

Library Account Holders may not check out or renew library items if the account is blocked. Patrons pay for any fees with cash, only. Any lost or damaged items will be charged the full Replacement Fee. No refunds shall be issued for lost items paid for and then “found.”

Derby Public Library may use a collection agency to communicate outstanding account balances. In the event an overdue account is sent to a Collection Agency, a non-refundable $15 fee will be added to the account.

Approved by the Derby Public Library Board of Directors, June 16, 2021