Derby Public Library’s Internet Safety Policy


The mission of the Derby Public Library is to provide quality service to patrons and to contribute to the knowledge, culture, understanding and enjoyment of the community. The Library provides access to the internet through Library computers connected to the internet, and through wireless internet access during the hours that the Library is open.

The Derby Public Library serves as a forum for all points of view and adheres to the principles of intellectual freedom as expressed in the Library Bill of Rights formulated by the American Library Association, and endorsed by its Board of Directors. The internet offers access to a wealth of information that can be personally, professionally and culturally enriching. Because the internet is a vast and unregulated information network, it enables access to ideas, information, images and commentary beyond the Library’s selection criteria and collection development policies.

Users are cautioned that ideas, points of view and images can be found on the internet which are controversial, divergent and inflammatory. The provision of access does not imply that the Library endorses or sanctions the content or point of view of any of the information or commentary which may be found on the internet. Furthermore, because access points on the internet change, the Library cannot protect individuals from information and images which they might find offensive or disturbing.

Derby Public Library’s Internet Safety Policy is designed to promote access to the Internet while protecting children from exposure to inappropriate material, as well as the public from unlawful access to and use or disclosure of personal information, and unauthorized access to legally restricted areas.

The Internet Safety Policy’s purpose is to prevent user access over its computer network to, or transmission of, inappropriate material via Internet, electronic mail, or other forms of direct electronic communications; to prevent unauthorized access and other unlawful online activity; to prevent unauthorized online disclosure, use, or dissemination of personal identification information; and to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) [Pub. L. No. 106-554 and 47 USC 254(h)].


The Derby Public Library’s internet connection is provided by the Connecticut Education Network which receives funding from the Universal Service Fund. In order to receive this federal funding, the network must follow the guidelines in CIPA. Therefore, the Library has installed filtering software on our computers with internet access through its network, to protect against access to obscene visual depictions, child pornography, and/or other material harmful to minors, as required by law.

The filter may unintentionally block sites that have legitimate research value and fail to block objectionable content. Users should be aware that Internet filtering software installed for CIPA compliance should not substitute for individual judgment and/or parental involvement and oversight.

As the law requires, the Library will disable filtered Internet access to persons 18 or older who request it for bona fide research or any other lawful purposes. Derby Public Library staff may request technology protection measure/filtering software to be disabled if necessary to perform their work duties. Procedures for disabling the measures shall be the responsibility of the Library Director or designated representatives.

Inappropriate Network Usage

To the extent practical, steps shall be taken to promote the safety and security of users of the Derby Public Library’s online computer network when using electronic mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, and other forms of direct electronic communications.

Specifically, as required by the Children’s Internet Protection Act, prevention of inappropriate network usage includes: (a) unauthorized access, including so-called ‘hacking,’ and other unlawful activities; (b) unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal identification information regarding minors; and (c) dissemination and viewing of obscene visual depictions, child pornography, and/or other materials harmful to minors.

Education, Supervision and Monitoring

The Library affirms and acknowledges the rights and responsibilities of parents and caregivers to monitor and determine their children’s access to Library materials and resources, including those available through the Internet.

Parents or caregivers are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. Children, defined as individuals under 18 years of age by Connecticut State Statute, who use the Internet unsupervised may be exposed to inappropriate or disturbing information and images. Parents are encouraged to discuss the use of the Internet in relation to family values and boundaries with their children and teens and to monitor their children/teen’s use of the Internet.

To assist parents, the Library has in print the pamphlet, Keeping Kids Safer on the Internet, published by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Parents are encouraged to review this information with their children.

Public Access

Users are cautioned that, because security in an electronic environment such as the Internet cannot be guaranteed, all transactions, files and communications are vulnerable to unauthorized access and use and, therefore, should be considered public.

Internet access in the Library is available on computers that are located in open public areas and are subject to supervision. Staff is available to assist patrons who need help finding information on the Internet. The Library reserves the right to engage in monitoring activities, both electronic and non-electronic, at its sole discretion and without further notice unless otherwise restricted by law. Such practices may include, but are not limited to, those for the purpose of monitoring the nature and quality of our services, and the security and the conduct of people on our premises.

Disclaimer: The Derby Public Library makes no warranty, expressed or implied, for the timeliness, accuracy or usefulness for particular purpose of information accessed via the Internet.

Approved by the Derby Public Library Board of Directors on October 17, 2018

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