Derby Public Library Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Derby Public Library, its staff, Board of Directors and volunteers are dedicated to enriching lives and fostering success in an environment that is inclusive of people of every race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and socio-economic class. We recognize that all of our lives are enhanced when we consider the perspectives of every member of our community; and that teaching and modeling tolerance prepares our children to participate fully in a world of diverse individuals.

The Library will strive to fully serve every member of the community by:

  • Embracing values of mutual respect and communicating responsively and considerately with every individual;
  • Seeking to expand representation of diverse people and perspectives in our collections, in our programs and on our staff;
  • Providing training in equity, diversity  and inclusion for staff members and the Library Board of Directors;
  • Ensuring that Library leadership, staff, and volunteers embrace values of mutual respect and dignity for all persons;
  • Adopting language that is inclusive in all organizational communications and policies;
  • Reaching out to establish connections and partnerships that invite the inclusion of diverse values and perspectives in all aspects of library services, and
  • Continually monitoring and evaluating our progress and being open to changes that will better meet equity, diversity and inclusion objectives.

Approved by the Derby Public Library Board of Directors, May 19, 2021

Resources for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion