2019 Valley Community Index



2019 Valley Community Index

The Valley Community Foundation has released
the 2019 Valley Community Index.




Created in partnership with DataHaven, this report reflects the most recent data collection efforts to examine the social, economic, and physical health of the Valley and continues where the 2016 Community Index report left off.

Regional leaders from a range of multidisciplinary organizations have come together once again to examine what has occurred in the Valley in the last three years. Each section now includes key data points which highlight trends for review. Are we making a difference in the Valley? How and where can we effectively utilize limited resources to have the greatest impact?

To begin to answer these questions, this Index will once again be used to convene community conversations, foster engagement, align current efforts and investments, and collaborate on strategic endeavors to build, sustain, and enhance the quality of life in the Valley.

Read the “Shining a Spotlight” summary of the full index’s findings by clicking here.

Click here to read the 2016 Valley Community Index. 

For more information, questions about the 2019 Valley Community Index, or ways you can get involved with  addressing the needs and opportunities of your community, please contact the Valley Community Foundation at 203-751-9162.